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Are you fed up with having migraines or headaches?

Hello and welcome to my website. I’m Jane McDowell, Bristol's favourite drug-free migraine and headache solution offering migraine treatment in Bristol or online. I’m absolutely passionate about helping people out of pain using my unique drug-free system. I typically work with women aged 35-45 who run their own business and who regularly have to take time off work due to debilitating migraines and tension headaches. I work with them to reduce the number of migraines they have so they regain their focus, energy and confidence so that they and their business can flourish and succeed.

I work on line and in person; my migraine clinic is based in Easton in Bristol at 16 Britannia Road, Bristol BS3 6DA (a 3 minute walk from Stapleton Road train station) and I also offer online treatments.

My special interest in helping people with migraines and headaches is because I have suffered with them since my late teens and it's my mission in life to help as many people as I can whose lives are blighted by the pain and distress that migraines bring. My aim is to help people in pain to get pain relief in a natural drug-free way thereby eliminating the potential side effects of conventional prescription and over the counter pain relief medication.

My migraine treatments are tailored to an individual’s specific needs. I offer a free half hour consultation to discuss the nature of your migraines or headaches and establish if we are a match to work together and then we can agree on the best treatment options for you.

Over the years I have developed my own unique system for helping people with migraines and headaches which allows me to adapt each treatment session to the specific needs of my clients throughout the course of their healing journey. My system is founded in various techniques in reflexology and massage together with looking at 7 key aspects of health and lifestyle. I have been in practice since 2000.

I offer my unique system for helping people with migraines and headaches on line and in person. Working on line means that I can reach more people across the UK and beyond. For those that prefer face to face treatments, my clinic is base in Easton, Bristol, a short walk from Stapleton Road and very close to the Bath to Bristol cycle path. There is also unrestricted on street parking available.

I love helping people who experience migraines and headaches so if you are curious to find out how I might be able to help you please feel free to contact me by phone on 07779 023117 or via email to [email protected]

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