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I offer a unique system of delivering the best combinations of reflexology and/or massage for whatever problem you might be suffering from. At your first appointment we will discuss and explore your problem in depth and the best treatment options for you.
Each treatment will often involve a combination of massage and reflexology or a combination of reflexology techniques. To illustrate here are a few examples:

  • A back, neck and shoulders massage combined with facial reflexology for someone who is suffering migraines

  • A treatment combining hand reflexology followed by spinal reflexology on the feet for someone who has carpel tunnel syndrome

  • A leg and back massage combined with spinal reflexology on the feet for someone who has a sports injury to their knee

    If you are considering having treatment and would like to know more then please feel free to contact me for a chat on 07779 023117 or via email: [email protected] or Facebook.

    Here’s a list of the techniques I use and a description of how they help different conditions

    Spinal Reflexology on the feet
    This is a powerful treatment focusing on stimulating the spine reflexes and nerve root reflexes on your feet. Nerve roots exit the spinal column through vertebrae to serve specific muscles and organs of the body. Stimulating the spine and the nerve roots helps to restore balance and promotes the body’s own healing processes.
    Can help:
  • sports injuries
  • poor digestion
  • fertility and hormone related issues
  • migraines
  • acute and chronic pain
  • stress related conditions
  • alleviating symptoms of drug side affects

    Facial Reflexology
    Facial Reflexology is a wonderfully calming and relaxing treatment. It has all the benefits of hand or foot reflexology with the added bonus of giving you a radiant, glowing complexion as it promotes the production of new skin tissue and improves skin tone. I use the Bergman method of facial reflexology which involves a gentle compression technique to stimulate reflex points on the face; it has a powerful impact on the body’s systems due to the reflex points being in close proximity to the brain. Working on the reflexes stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms and is helpful for:
  • Improving circulation an nerve conduction
  • Encouraging the release of toxins via the lymphatic system
  • Relieving the effects of stress
  • Relieving tension in muscle tissue
  • Improves concentration
  • Relieve sinusitis/congestion
  • Helps to rejuvenate skin
  • Brings about a general feeling of calmness and relaxation

    Hand Reflexology
    Hand reflexology, this is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment working on the reflexes in your hands and wrists. This is particularly suitable for:
  • insomnia
  • carpel tunnel syndrome
  • arthritis
  • anxiety
  • repetitive strain injury
  • multiple sclerosis

    Therapeutic Massage
    This is a very relaxing deep tissue massage. Each treatment is tailored to your own specific requirements at the time of the massage to restore balance and harmony to the troubled mind and tense or injured body, enhancing the body’s own healing processes.
  • reduce chronic or acute pain
  • sports injuries
  • restore harmony and balance
  • maintain well being

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