Jane McDowell Bristol's favourite drug-free migraine and headache solution

As a martial artist I'm always suffering from various injuries. After a more serious one I recently received a treatment from Jane. Didn't know what to expect but afterwards my knee felt a lot freer, with return of movement and range of motion. Recommended! 5* Nick Ballard

I could not recommend reflexology with Jane more! I had the facial reflexology with Jane and it was just like magic. Super relaxing and felt the effects long after too! Perfect for anyone feeling stressed out and looking for relaxation therapy. Jane has a very nice approach so you feel at ease with her too. Will definitely book again! 5* Rachel. B.

Just had some much needed reflexology on my face with Reflexology by Jane McDowell. I've not felt this chilled out and relaxed in a long time. All of the pressure points have relaxed all of the sore muscles in my neck and shoulders, I'm absolutely gobsmacked! Talk about magic fingers! I can not recommend highly enough! Maria Owen 5*

I have had a couple of treatments with Jane, right after a car accident when I was concerned about the impact and also still stressed from the trauma of it. Her treatment was deeply relaxing and insightful. She and my chiropractor identified the same issues and I’m sure the combination of treatments helped my recovery. Highly recommended. Lesley Waldron 5*

Jane is a very skilled therapist she has a knack of finding those tension spots even when you're not aware of them! I have been receiving massage for a neck and shoulder problem and her treatments have made such a difference, what's even more special is that she has a dual qualification and can incorporate Reflexology with her treatments. I can highly recommend Jane, thank you so much. Tara Persson 5*

Had a reflexology session with Jane recently. She was great! The session was relaxing and just what was needed after recent ankle surgery. She had a great manner, making me feel completely comfortable and came to my house with all the needed equipment. Loved it. Thanks Jane x. Kirsty Miller 5*

Had my first ever session with Jane and absolutely loved it. I particularly enjoyed that you can be as quiet or chatty as you like, and felt very relaxed which is unusual for me. She was able to identify my main health issues and I look forward to another session. Recommended! Heather Murray 5*

My treatments with Jane have been wonderful. She makes me feel so relaxed in her company and I trust her completely. It's so important to feel this way with a practitioner. She has listened with genuine care during the consultation and continued to build on this trust throughout my treatments. During difficult times Jane has been so helpful to me, again her genuine care comes through and I can feel she is putting all of her energy into the treatment, leaving me feeling relieved of my symptoms and totally blissed out (it takes a lot to do this for me). She has been really amazing and completely focused on achieving the best results. Her sweet voice, strong hands and years of experience makes her treatments so beautiful and healing. Highly recommended! 5* Emma Payne

I've had reflexology and massage treatments by Jane and they've always been excellent. She is a professionally skilled and intuitive practitioner who can find the bits that hurt, tackle the problem (normally the crunchy concrete bits), tell you why it hurts and what you can do to make life easier for yourself. A truly therapeutic experience. 5* Karin Fofana

Having been a sufferer of flat feet all my life, having treatments, both reflexology and massage have always been beneficial. My legs,back and neck are all affected by having flat feet and after initially being sceptical, I have always felt better after a treatment. Jane is a very assured and intuitive therapist and would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone. 5* Matthew Chapman

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